Jannette L. Dates (Finding Aid)

Jannette L. Dates

1937 -

Favorite Color: Red

Favorite Food: Ice Cream

Favorite Time of Year: Spring

Favorite Vacation Spot: Miami, Florida

Interview Length: 175 minutes

Interview Date(s): March 14, 2003

Interview Location(s): Washington, D.C.


Educator Jannette Dates discusses her family background and her childhood growing up in Baltimore, Maryland. Dates describes both her mother's and her father's personalities, and shares the influence they had on her life. Dates recalls her childhood neighborhood and household in Baltimore, at the McCulloh Homes housing project. Dates then describes her school days, remembering her favorite teachers and courses.

Educator Jannette Dates continues to discuss her childhood and youth, recalling an influential childhood teacher, lifelong friends she met in school, and her involvement in the church. Dates then transitions to discussion about her undergraduate collegiate experience at Coppin State University, where she trained to become a teacher. Dates taught in the Baltimore City Public School system after graduation, and she details her successes the teaching strategies she used in this first job.

Educator Jannette Dates discusses her involvement in the television industry as the host of the 'North Star' program and how it led to her future appointments in the communications departments of Morgan State University, Howard University, and Coppin State University. Dates describes her successes as a professor, explaining how she emphasized using cable television as a tool for education, as well as her navigation of the politics of academia.

Educator Jannette Dates talks about her role at Howard University and about the background of the school's communications department. She shares her reasoning for starting the 'Split Image' book project. Dates documents how the book came together as she discusses issues that arose in attempting to find a publisher and tells of other colleagues who assisted in the process. Jannette Dates discusses the success and growth of Howard University's School of Communications.

Educator Jannette Dates talks about the future of blacks in the communications field. She then moves to discuss how blacks have been portrayed in feature films and television programs and mentions specific positive and negative examples. Dates also talks in general about different television and cable networks and what they've done to either help or hinder African Americans portrayal in mass media. She then gives ideas on combating the under classing of African Americans.

Educator Jannette Dates talks about how black culture is portrayed through entertainment outlets. She analyzes the film 'Barbershop'. Dates describes her work ethic and future plans before discussing her hopes for the black community. Jannette Dates narrates photographs from her life with family members and friends.

Educator Jannette Dates narrates photographs documenting her personal and professional life. Pictures include family members and colleagues.

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