The Highmark Blue Shield Living Legacy Series, is an oral history project that was developed to record the memories of 150 Harrisburg-area residents, utilizing ground-breaking Digital Video Library (DVL) technology created and pioneered by Carnegie Mellon University.

Harrisburg’s Highmark Blue Shield Living Legacy Series was created by the Harrisburg SusqueCentennial Commission to help celebrate the City of Harrisburg’s 150th year of incorporation. It is only the second time DVL technology has been featured publicly and the first time that the interviews will be accessible to the general public free of charge via the internet!

The Legacy contributors’ were nominated by the public-at-large and selected by a citizen’s advisory board. They represent an encompassing cross-section of personal stories that provide Harrisburg its unique character. Listen to their stories of achievement and inspiration that offer insight into the issues and events that created our City. The Legacies are not just the “old guard” of Harrisburg, but a brewing mix of everyday people that are our real heart and soul.

Students from local schools, colleges and universities, and local volunteers assisted with the production and transcription of the interviews.

Production of the Highmark Blue Shield Living Legacy Series was underwritten by the extraordinary generosity of Highmark Blue Shield.

A Speakers Bureau comprised of interviewees, advisory board members and project sponsors, has been created for public forums and other engagements. It is the SusqueCentennial Commission’s intent to continue this project beyond the initial launch, by adding further oral histories and continuing the “legacy” of Harrisburg.

Highmark Blue Shield Living Legacy Citizen’s Advisory Board

Michael Barton, Ph.D. Chairman

Susan Anthony

Rosemary Browne

Michael L. Greenwald

Ellen Brody Hughes

Calobe Jackson, Jr.

Ann Durr Lyon

Fredrika M. McKain

David J. Morrison

Linda Shopes

Jeb Stuart

Harrisburg SusqueCentennial Commission Staff

Ellen C. Brown

Executive Director –

Julie A. McKenzie

Highmark Blue Shield Living Legacy Series Producer/Director

Kathryn Rolston

Project Coordinator –

The Harrisburg SusqueCentennial Commission, Inc.

PO Box 150, Harrisburg, PA 17108-0150