Early users of the Highmark Blue Shield Living Legacy Series (Harrisburg, PA) have asked a number of questions. Here are those questions and answers, i.e., a frequently asked questions (FAQ) list to help you make better use of the oral histories.

What are the terms and conditions of use?

Please see Highmark Blue Shield Living Legacy Series (Harrisburg, PA) Terms and Conditions.

Who makes this work possible (acknowledgements)?

Production of the Highmark Blue Shield Living Legacy Series was underwritten by the extraordinary generosity of Highmark Blue Shield. This work is supported by the National Science Foundation, NSF Grant No. IIS-0705491, research project "III-CXT: Enhancing Digital Video Libraries through the Evaluation and Transition of Automated Techniques for Visual Processing, Indexing and Access." It builds from Carnegie Mellon University Informedia Research that received funding from a number of sources over the years.

Why www.idvl.org?

The NSF sponsored work is attempting to create tools and interfaces for digital video libraries using Informedia technology: hence "idvl" for "Informedia digital video library" with this oral history collection as an example for the enhanced accessibility offered through synchronized metadata and full transcript search.

How do I see all of the interview with a particular person in the archive?

Within the introductory page of Highmark Blue Shield Living Legacy Series (Harrisburg, PA), there is a Table of Contents button. Click on it to show this table, click on a person's name to see a brief description, and click on the provided button to access all of that person's stories in the archive. Also of note: You can easily sequence within the same interview by using the previous and next story buttons on the video player.

How do I properly cite material in the archive for my publications and/or school work?

When using oral history interviews, please include the following information for proper citation. The exact format used will vary depending on the citation style chosen (e.g., Chicago, APA, etc.) and whether it appears in footnotes or a bibliography. However, the pieces of information described below should always be included in the first citation to the work (subsequent citations may use an abbreviated format):

<Narrator full name> (<unique ID number>), interview by <interviewer full name>, <interview date>, Highmark Blue Shield Living Legacy Series (Harrisburg, PA). <Story order>, <story title>. <url (if from the archive)>

The archive lists the citation on the video story page (which you can cut and paste elsewhere), and provides a "Cite" button option on the Play List to allow this citation information to be automatically produced for the content in your Play List. An example of the proper citation for one story from the archive is as follows:

Calobe Jackson, Jr. (Harrisburg_1), interview by Julie McKenzie, 03/18/2009, Highmark Blue Shield Living Legacy Series (Harrisburg, PA). Story 7, Calobe Jackson, Jr., describes the African American community in the 1950s. http://www.idvl.org/HarrisburgLivingLegacy/iCoreClient.html#/&i=263

For placement on an acknowledgement page, please use:

The Highmark Blue Shield Living Legacy Series (Harrisburg, PA) is a digital archive of life oral histories relating to Harrisburg area residents. Additional information on the project is available at www.idvl.org/harrisburglivinglegacy.