Bruce S. Bazelon

Bruce S. Bazelon

1945 -


Interview Length: 53 minutes

Interview Date: February 11, 2010

Interview Location: Commonwealth Media Services, 333 Market Street, Harrisburg, PA




Born in Providence, RI, and educated at Boston University, Rutgers, and Coopers- town, Bruce arrived in Harrisburg in 1972. Today, Bruce works with the PA State Historical and Museum Commission where he is in charge of all statewide sites. Always interested in where people came from and what they did, Bruce is an expert on how the Jewish community arrived here. Harrisburg's Jews accounted for less than 600 in 1905, but increased tenfold in the next decade as the city received immigrants from escaping pogroms, poverty and oppression. In the 1950s another wave arrived from war-torn Europe, including those of Reform, Conservative and Orthodox denominations. Today the community has dispersed considerably.