Isaac Mishkin

Isaac Mishkin

1936 -


Interview Length: 50 minutes

Interview Date: August 24, 2009

Interview Location: The Plum, Walnut Street, Harrisburg, PA




Isaac Mishkin worked for his parents in their millinery store in downtown Harrisburg. After his father's death and the later closing of that store, he opened The Plum in 1968. He served on the board of the Harristown Development Corporation. His pet project has been the establishment of the Shoppes on Third. " those days you had everything downtown, you had drugstores, you had your jewelry stores, you didn't have to go anywhere to get anything else, it was all in one location. And stores, men's stores, all over the place. Maybe eight or nine women's shops...." Mishkin says, recalling the downtown of the mid-twentieth century.