Spencer G. Nauman, Jr.

Spencer G. Nauman, Jr.

1933 -


Interview Length: 66 minutes

Interview Date: December 1, 2009

Interview Location: Nauman, Smith, LLP Law Firm, 3rd Street, Harrisburg, PA




Spencer Nauman is the Senior Partner with Nauman Smith, LLP Law Firm. A native of Harris- burg, he has witnessed the evolution of our city's growth from 400 members of the Bar Association to 4,000. He remembers when he roller-skated around the Capitol and when air conditioning was a distant dream. His firm has been involved in nearly every avenue of service from dental insurance to multi-state law interpretation, as well as government issues. He is an author, serves as officer of the L. B. Smith Medical Cultural and Educational Foundations and is Director Emeritus of Harrisburg Academy and Harrisburg Hospital.