Graham Hetrick

Graham Hetrick

1945 -


Interview Length: 89 minutes

Interview Date: November 18, 2009

Interview Location: Dauphin County Coroner's Office




Born in 1945, Graham Hetrick grew up at the Hetrick Funeral Home on Walnut Street, where his father, George Hetrick, was the funeral director. Knowing how it consumed his parents' lives, Hetrick determined early on that he did not want to be weighed down by the family business and its irregular schedule. He enrolled in the military and served in a criminal investigation division. Afterwards, he earned a bachelor's degree from York College and then went on to study forensics at the Pittsburgh Institute of Mortuary Science. Despite his earlier attitude, in 1974, he assumed the director's duties at the family business, which he has since passed to his son, Stephen. He has served as Dauphin County Coroner since 1990, teaches forensic science at Harrisburg University of Science and Technology and is writing a textbook on forensic evidence.