Domingo Alvear

Domingo Alvear

1943 -


Interview Length: 35 minutes

Interview Date: April 26, 2010

Interview Location: Commonwealth Media Services, 333 Market Street, Harrisburg, PA




Dr. Alvear, MD, FACS, is the founder of World Surgical Foundation (WSF) and recipient of the ACS Surgical Volunteerism Award. Alvear was born in the Philippines and learned medicine during the Vietnam war, during which he operated on 3,000 war wounded. He and his wife came to Harrisburg in 1973. He had a vision to serve people in developing and impoverished countries where modern healthcare was unavailable. This vision was realized when he founded the World Surgical Foundation in 1997. Today, Alvear works through the foundation to "to give free surgical care to underserved countries in the world, to provide education for their local physicians and nurses, and also to provide them with equipment and supplies that will improve their care in the area."