Homer C. Floyd

Homer C. Floyd

1936 -


Interview Length: 43 minutes

Interview Date: September 9, 2009

Interview Location: WHBG Channel 20, 223 Market Street, Harrisburg, PA




Born in the South but raised in the Midwest, Homer Floyd went to University of Kansas on a football scholarship. After graduation, he played in Canada's professional league, but soon realized "there was life after football" and became active in civil rights. He came to Harrisburg in 1970 as executive director of the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission (PHRC) and has worked effectively with numerous state and city administrations, beginning with Gov. Shaffer and Mayor Swenson. Floyd oversaw desegregation of the Harrisburg School District in 1974 and the integration and the hiring of women onto the Harrisburg police force. He was also a member of Club 21, the first African American group allowed to meet at the Penn Harris Hotel, when it was formed sixty years ago.