Elizabeth Andrews and Elaine DeLone

Elizabeth Andrews and Elaine DeLone

1918 - ; 1921 -


Interview Length: 35 minutes

Interview Date: January 14, 2010

Interview Location: DeLone Residence, Camp Hill, PA




Sisters Elaine DeLone, 88, and Elizabeth Andrews, 92, spent their childhood days at Capitol Park skating on Italian Lake, going to the markets at Broad and Chestnut Street and dancing at the Madrid Ballroom. In the 1920s, their mother was the first Harrisburg woman issued a driver's license. Their grandfather, Papoo Troup, owned a music store on Market Square named J.H. Troup. Customers could take music lessons and listen to record albums in a private booth. Both Elaine and Elizabeth live in the Harrisburg area and enjoy 29 grandchildren between them.