Project List

Each project contains its own pages more completely describing funding sources, content, additional collaborators, and the purpose of the collaboration with the Informedia research group and Additional, specific FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions), help, terms and conditions, privacy, and other pages are listed as needed with each project. Projects making use of IDVL processing and interfaces include:

Front Door Image for The HistoryMakers ScienceMakers Digital Archive

ScienceMakers, a NSF-funded collection of a growing set of life oral history interviews with the nation's top African American scientists from The HistoryMakers, recorded from May 2001 through April 2011. For a full description of this resource, use The HistoryMakers portal to ScienceMakers.

Front Door Image for Highmark Blue Shield Living Legacy Series, Harrisburg PA

Highmark Blue Shield Living Legacy Series, Harrisburg PA, an oral history project developed to record the memories of 150 Harrisburg-area residents in celebration of the city's 150 years of incorporation; interviews were conducted from 2009 and 2010.

Front Door Image for The John Novak Digital Interview Collection Civil Rights Movement subset

The Experiences of the Civil Rights Movement Interviews, a subset of the Marygrove College John Novak Digital Interview Collection. These interviews document Bennett College women's participation in the 1960 sit-in demonstrations at the Woolworth's lunch counter in Greensboro, NC. The International Civil Rights Center and Museum preserves this lunch counter in situ in Greensboro.