Open Source Credits

The Adobe Flex 3 front-end application benefits from the inclusion of the following work from the open source community:

Lemur Project (full content text search)

Author: Begun by University of Massachusetts and Carnegie Mellon University; Further details

Gradient containers, e.g., VBox with gradient background

Author: Arnaud FOUCAL; Further details

The gradient container component code is "free for use, modification and distribution under the following condition : Just mention the name and the url of the author in a part of your product that is visible to the user."

swffit, a smart script that resizes Flash application in accordance with browser window size

Author: Miller Medeiros; Further details

You can use it for whatever you want with no restrictions just keep the credits in the swffit.js file.

swfobject, an easy-to-use and standards-friendly method to embed Flash content, which utilizes one small JavaScript file

Author: Bobby van der Sluis (brief history of swfobject); Further details

JavaScript file released under the MIT License

swfaddress, a small library to provide deep linking for Flash (browser bookmarking, etc.)

Author: Asual DZZD; Further details

SWFAddress licensed under the MIT License