About Us

A number of people have worked on the Informedia back-end processing, web services, and the front-end Adobe Flex application for IDVL. This page presents a partial list. The goal of NSF funding is to share Informedia processing capabilities and interfaces especially suitable for video oral history collections as open source, for the benefit of other video collection holders and users. The work was presented at the annual Oral History Association (OHA) meetings in 2008, 2010, 2011, and 2012.

See also the Open Source Credits.

Principal Investigators and Researchers

Mike Christel, Teaching Professor, Entertainment Technology Center (ETC)

Scott Stevens, Teaching Professor, ETC

Bryan Maher, Systems Engineer, ETC

Prior ETC Students

Andy Korzik

Xiaoxi "Cici" Liu

Srinavin "Navin" Nair

Manoj Anand Nityanandam

Kana Otaki

Prior Pittsburgh Technology Institute Students

Shawn Facini

Base Work

If you are curious, the legacy Informedia research website can be seen through the Internet Archive: Informedia website (via Internet Archive).